Experience and Time

You get experience with time – no doubt with that phrase. But the problem is: Then how would you beat people older than you? If you get experience with time you’ll always behind people older than you. I’ve always hated this phrase because it doesn’t favours people with passion and skills. People always prefer experienced over passionate individuals. I failed to understand why. But with time I’m getting the grasp of this concept (or I think so). But this understanding also came with experiences. Following are some: - Stripe doesn’t have Paypal – I came to know about this when all of our infra was build and it as was time to add paypal integration. It caused alot of issues with client. - Opensea requires OperatorFilter contract inheritance to enforce “Creators Fee”. I realized it after we had deployed our contract. The solution was to upgrade the contract – we ended paying around $ 600 because of this. There’re still lots of things I experiences including automating stuff should be priority, managing team, be ready to cut modules/reduce scope during the development if you WANT to launch the project. Now I do accept this why companies look for experienced individuals over passionate one. Passionate people no double would build the solution somehow but there’s alot of risk. Who would I hire to launch my NFTs product if had two choices: i. A passionate person who has 20 NFT projects on Testnet ii. An experienced dev who has 2 project on Testnet but 1 on Mainnet. Definitely without thinking I’ll go with experienced one because they have already deployed on Mainnet, they’ve already launched, this is going to be just another project for them but for passionate person they never deployed on mainnet, this is all I would care about. Now the reason I hated experienced people is because they’ve advantage of time. If a guy is Principle engineer at age of 28, I’m damn sure I’ll be principle engineer at 28 too but I can’t digest the fact that why can’t I be a principle engineer at age of 26?! Right now the solution to this issue seems to have two step process: i. Fuck around and find out but do it 2x times the experienced people to beat them ii. Socialize and gain the trust of people so they can offer you principle engineer position ignoring your age. Hell even Alexander was king at age of 20.

What would I do now If wasn’t bound

Almost everyone is bound to something, either family, job, relatives or any other reason. This eventually turns into limitations of what a person can do and can not do. We stop taking risks and playing with our future, when things don’t work we start blaming the things we’re bound do. If I wasn’t bound and no other responsibility, I would start with LSD, it’s something I want to experiences though it comes in the category of drug it’s something else. As reality is what our brain perceives like everything around is energy – light is wave with different frequency but we perceive different colours, sound is nothing but vibrations in our ear. So what if we could manipulate our brain into perceiving things differently, I guess LSD would help. The risk of unconsciousness and overdosage are things stopping me from this adventure. I can’t afford risk. Another thing is relocating, as books tell us internet has made the world a global village. Our cultural behaviour and opinions sometimes become similar to the people we interact online and start differentiating from locals. Or you just want an environment which suits you, where majority discuss topics which falls in your interests. I’m actually from a small city location in south punjab of Pakistan. Majority in south Punjab is illiterate and they’re still on agricultural age, but as the internet was available I found myself among compute software engineers online. Even though my family has now shifted to Islamabad, north of Pakistan I still haven’t found the environment I want. I wanna shift my skill set to blockchain technology, build solutions for finance and privacy, recently I found some people from Karachi working on blockchain not for fame, money but they enjoy it. This is the environment I want but here’s the problem. Karachi is on the other end of Pakistan, 1400 KM apart which takes almost 16 hours of drive, and again I’m bound.

Fetishising your sadness

There’s episode in series Bojack Horseman, where bojack talks to diane about his issues and Diane replies that bojack fetishises his own sadness and that’s when i discovered this concept “fetishising your own sadness”. if you had some rough past there’s good chance that sadness becomes a part of your life. it becomes a regular thing for you, and when it’s no longer there you tend to miss it and start creating an environment to get that feeling back. and that’s what happens to me. my past just like most people had been rough. where feeling sadness became a regular thing for me. where happiness became rare thing. and when i moved past those rough days, i missed that feeling. to me that sadness became a motivation, where happiness became a synonym for procrastination. i feel like to become productive you’ve to be sad so you no longer care about any other thing but work. in other words i fetishise my own sadness. i get attached to it.