May 25, 2022

FYP Proposal Review — Blockchain based decentralized cloud storage

I wanted to share our final year project proposal for review and wanted to collect some feedback. The proposal is written below and the feedback link can be found at the end.

Hyperspace Logo Project Logo Prototype. It represents tesseract — a 4 dimensional cube on a 2D surface.



Data has become an important part in the age of information technology. Megabytes of precious photos to terabytes of confidential data is stored in the computer storage. But any damage to storage devices can cause data corruption leading to loss of important data.

While traditional cloud storage providers like AWS, Google Cloud provide data backups and accessibility, they are centralized and store data without any encryption. Customers’ data can be accessed and used by AWS or Google Employees. Further, these entities can sell data to third-parties and authorities without owners’ consent.

Unencrypted data storage by these entities has led to 5,250 data breaches in 2021 exposing millions of customers personal information, and in some cases, employees were involved in the breaches.

Problem Statement

Data breaches, unavailability, storage costs are challenges faced by cloud storage consumers. Data on the internet have become centralized by handful of entities, creating a monopoly.

Infrastructure and maintenance cost of data centers discourage small to medium scale corporations from building their own data centers, they are forced to store their confidential data on these centralized entities’ servers, leading to consequences. For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been accused of stealing startups’ data and building competitive products.


Internet is decentralized and data stored on it should be decentralized also. We’re proposing a blockchain based decentralized cloud storage network. Any person or entity with excess storage space can rent their storage for incentive, forming a decentralized network. Users who want to consume storage, upload their data to network, paying only for consumed storage.

The data stored on the network is encrypted by owner’s private key and divided into segments which are then replicated and distributed across the network to ensure durability. Audits in the network are performed frequently to ensure the reliability of nodes and data stored on them.

The encrypted-cloud nature of our proposed solution can provide terabytes of on-demand storage, helping corporates store their critical data, scientists train their machine learning models on large data sets, data immutability can provide reliability layer to Metaverse content and NFTs metadata, journalists to store confidential documents, etc. The system can be extended to provide cloud CPU and GPU resources, helping people to utilize high CPU and GPU performance anywhere.

Your Feedback

You can share your feedback here https://forms.gle/jthnq3Ci176qrUqg6 or write me an email humayunjaved23@gmail.com