Jan 15, 2022

Some great websites

Finding quality content via search engine is hard these days, people have found different SEO tricks to bring their site on the first page even if their content quality sucks ( search “best seo tips” on Google, it’s fun :). I’ve bookmarked some great sites over the past few years and decided to curate them in a single page. You may rarely find these sites on Google front page but their content quality speaks for itself. I’ll keep updating this page as I discover new websites.

Bartosz Ciechanowski’s Blog


Interactive and visually explained articles on interesting topics like the one on [https://ciechanow.ski/internal-combustion-engine/](Internal Combustion Engine)


Explained Visually


Technical math topics explained simply and visually.


Rasmus’s Site


Interesting articles and projects on web, design and programming.


Going the distance


Technical articles and tutorials on blockchain, solidity, decentralization.


Math is fun


A remarkable site I’ve discovered on mathematics, it covers topics on Physics, Stats, Geometry and much more.




General articles on technology, evolution and related categories.


Vitalik Buterin's website


General articles, ideas and some technical stuff on cryptography and blockchain.


Gaffer On Games


Technical articles on game networking like networked physics, serialization, reliability.


Valve Developers Wiki


Technical articles on games, physics math and networking and Source Engine ( game engine powering Dota 2 and Counter Strike ) internals.


Oren Eini’s Blog


Articles on Low Level programming, databases, networking and related categories.